Conditions of Festival Entry

Your cooperation in adhering to the terms of entry is appreciated and will make the event and enjoyable experience for all. Entry to our event is subject to the following terms – By entering the event area, every visitor, patron, vendor, volunteer, sponsor, team, and performer accepts these terms and conditions.

The right of admission is reserved.

In particular, we reserve the right to refuse entry to, or to remove from, the festival confines any person or person(s) who are drunk or disorderly or whose conduct is unlawful or offensive or who is not entitled to attend the event. Any person who causes a disturbance or who refuses to comply with reasonable requests management or security staff may be removed from the event grounds without the right of refund.

You consent to being filmed/photographed.

By entering the event area you consent to being filmed/photographed and you waive all rights in relation to any photograph, image or likeness produced while attending the event. Southern Hot Wing Festival retains all property rights for all images/films it produces.

You will abide by officiating authorities

In case of emergency patrons must follow instructions of event staff, organizers, and more importantly the police and security personnel.

Patrons may not wear or display offensive signage or logos

nor can they or any vendor, or volunteer sell any goods or services or give away political, religious, advertising or promotional materials without the prior written approval of management. Patrons who are, in the opinion of management, offensively attired or whose attire may cause a hazard or compromise safety may also be refused entry to the event.

Bags and other items may be subject to inspection and patrons may be searched.

Patrons who refuse inspections or searches may be denied entry to the event. Items which, in the opinion of management, have the potential to cause injury or a nuisance or inconvenience to any other patron will not be permitted onto the grounds. These include

• controlled, dangerous or illegal substances

• bottles, flares, fireworks

• laser pointers

• loud hailers, horns, vuvuzelas

• weapons of any description and,

• any other items considered by event management to have the potential to cause injury or a nuisance or inconvenience to any other person.

Patrons enter at their own risk

Management has taken reasonable precautions to assure the safety of all patrons. However, persons entering this event do so at their own risk, and agree to hold the City of Pulaski, Giles County Chamber, Main Street Pulaski, Summer Soulstice and their agents harmless for any injury, loss or damage caused by an act, omission or negligence including property damage, personal injury, economic and consequential loss however it arises within the confines of the event. Patrons bring personal effects onto the premises at their own risk.

Persons under the age of 12

must be under the direct supervision of an adult at all times. We reserve the right to refuse entry to, or to remove from, the festival grounds or to refer to the police any persons under the age of 12 who are without adult supervision.